How can your company participate?

Localization as a field has been growing exponentially over the last few years, through conferences such as this that are interactive and geared towards students, we hope to foster the future of the industry. We hope you will join us in our inaugural edition of our TLM CampLoc. Here are a few ways you can participate:

Sponsor an event for the CampLoc Forum

This forum is an investment in the future of the localization industry and also provides an opportunity for key players in localization departments to come in contact with future employees. We are willing to work with companies to coordinate the sessions’ contents and run the events the day of as well. All we would require of the companies is the space and the knowledge that you have. The rest you can leave up to us!

Not able to sponsor an event yourselves during this time frame?

There are still other options for you. Maybe your team is too busy to run an event, you could sponsor an event space for a networking event or one of our panels. You could also discuss with us the option of a future site visit with students from MIIS. We are discussing a possible extension of the forum where we do a one-day site visit to various companies throughout the school year as well.

Difficulties with hosting students and an event in your space due to constrictions?

Spread the word! Even if you are unable to host us, you may know someone who would be more than willing to help support our event. Any connections or people you think would be interested in supporting our cause, feel free to direct them to our contact information or share this site with them. By giving back to the current students at MIIS, know that you are giving back to the future of the localization industry.