About the Conference

What would the conference consist of?

The conference will be held from March 17th, 2019 to March 20th, 2019. The events would be hosted in San Jose for two days and then would move to San Francisco for the next two days. The conference will be a combination of lectures, presentations, panels, round table discussions about the future of localization, a day in the life of your company, different localization professions, facility tours and other topics unique to your company.

Here are potential panel topics/lectures ideas:

  • A company walks us through a new localization technology or explains how they use AI and machine learning in localization projects.
  • A localization engineering team walks us through internationalizing code and ways for engineers to work more effectively with translators.
  • We could talk directly to people working as Head of Localization in the field and several others in their department as they explain their career paths and the tips they have for those of us yet to enter the industry.
  • We could have a panel discussion on the future of 5G and the 4th industrial revolution and how it will affect the future of the localization field.
  • A company could host something more interactive where students can participate in an actual project or see how your processes work.

These events can vary in length and size depending on what the company is able to accommodate and what kind of session it is. The average attendance for events will be around 30-40 people. Depending on capacity and student interest, we could do a larger panel in a larger space and potentially open the space up to more students. These ideas and concepts are not set in stone. Since this is our first year running this conference, we have the flexibility to adapt the contents to what each company is able and willing to provide.

Lecture: Up to 2 hours including networking time and breaks.

Panel: 1 hour 30 minutes with networking time and Q & A

Facilities Tour: 1 hour, could be done in rotation with 2 or three groups coming through in a morning for smaller companies if necessary.

Networking Session: Alumni Event and or Networking event between employees and MIIS students